High quality office furniture

The starting point for the performance of work obligations and the basic prerequisite for their quality performance is a functional and comfortable office space, which meets the basic standardized characteristics, and at the same time exceeds the prescribed environmental requirements. It is precisely these two most important features that TVIN guarantees with its long tradition (more than 100 years) and constant presence on the market of increasingly demanding customers, placing office furniture of various high quality programs, and highly functional upgradeability of elements.

Home office
Tvin office furniture Home office

The goal of the Home Office program is to provide optimal working conditions for working from home and working virtually remotely.

Tvin office furniture Classic

The Classic program is intended for a wide range of consumers for whom an affordable price is as important as quality and top-quality product finishing.

Tvin office furniture Trend

The Trend program is made of refined veneer, solid wood and leather elements.


The quality materials of the Cabinet, made according to European standards, are finished with mild tones which, in combination with leather, with an aesthetic atmosphere, provide comfort in the workplace.

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